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Just a quick thanks, hope you are doing well. Wanted to say thanks for all the training you have done with us over lockdown. Have been putting it to good use and getting in to better habits going back. Made a placement within a couple of weeks going back getting a referral I don’t think I would normally have pushed for. Appreciate it!

Joe M
Principal Consultant

Barum delivered an insightful and interesting workshop around managing a remote team with a great focus on motivations, driving ,momentum and monitoring.

Calum Reid
Managing Consultant

Training from Barum is always in a different league when comparing to any other sales trainer. A very informative session on being more effective when managing remotely by looking at ‘the 4 M’s’ (mindset, motivation, momentum and monitoring). This is an area I’m sure most are adapting to and experiencing for the first time. Barum’s advice and guidance was extremely helpful.

Joshua Poore

When doing training sessions with Barum, I always come away feeling invigorated and that I have learnt something new that can easily be applied to my daily work. The sessions are interactive and inclusive, as well as applied to situations we as recruiters always face!

Jenni Kavanagh

Even though some of Barum’s workshops consist of people from different markets and levels of experience, he still manages to create an inclusive environment where everyone experiences a tailored approach and can come out the session with a clear picture of how they can critique or apply new management styles.

Jamie Smith
Managing Consultant

The 4Ms topic is a great training session to revisit and go back to the basics of management and how to motivate a team. This training session is very interesting and involves a mix of theory and practical/group discussions. It’s a brilliant session to help teach you the ways to motivate the different personalities in a team.

India Walker-Smith
Managing Consultant

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