the reclearn system™

reclearn system

when working with you, our approach is based on our proprietary reclearn system© designed to ensure any learning solution sticks and gets the results you need.

explore defines the “why and what” behind the training to create a clear vision of the desired outcome.

enable delivers the skills and tools through face to face learning, webinars and 1-2-1 coaching.

embed focuses on making the learning “stick”, through ongoing follow-up and encouraging new habits in using the new skills and behaviours.

evaluate measures the effect and success of the training at multiple levels, from initial feedback, knowledge and skill improvement, to the business results generated.

enhance provides further options to refine and drive increased mastery and performance.

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Just a quick thanks, hope you are doing well. Wanted to say thanks for all the training you have done with us over lockdown. Have been putting it to good use and getting in to better habits going back. Made a placement within a couple of weeks going back getting a referral I don’t think I would normally have pushed for. Appreciate it!

Joe M
Principal Consultant

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