furloughed staff

with most recruitment businesses having furloughed some of their staff at this time, the challenge is how to keep them engaged, motivated and ready for when they return.

to support you,  we’ve designed a series of 90 minute impactful workshops that are delivered virtually.

each workshop has a action plan and series of post-workshop actions, so that consultants and managers can continue to keep their skills sharp between sessions.

we have an additional option to bolt on 1-2-1 skills assessment at the end of each module with personalised feedback for each attendee.

some of the workshops we’ve delivered in the last month

  • business development post covid-19
  • candidate generation strategies
  • re-building your desk and pipeline
  • job brief and prioritisation
  • time management and personal effectiveness
  • using market insight in your calls
  • maximising candidate conversations

bored person at home playing a game


keep your furloughed staff engaged!